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Why Choose Us

  • People

    Our Assessors and Trainers are all extriemely well qualified and experienced in their field, we only used proven professionals and that matters to us.

  • Experience

    MCQ has been delivering Health & Social Care Training for over 20 years and has built a name you can rely on and trust. We are your TRAINING PROVIDER of CHOICE.

  • Accredited Training

    We provide accredited training that your inspection team and your Local Authority demands. Care certificate solutions; responsive and bespoke courses; all of your mandatory requirements and much more.

  • Quality

    As well as short course provision MCQ is a Prime Independent Training Provider contracted by the Skill Funding Agency and as such regularly inspected and moderated by Ofsted, City & Guilds, Edexcel, etc and we hold quality marks for ISO2000:2008, IIP, Disability Symbol and more...

Valuing diversity, respecting equality and safeguarding all who engage with us we aim to be the Independent Training Provider of choice.

We will address the skills needs of learners, employers, communities and the economy by being innovative, embracing new technology and using continuous quality improvement whilst working together to achieve timely results and prepare learners for successful life in Modern Britain and promote the fundamental British Values.

Our core values

  1. MCQ values openness, trust and honesty
  2. MCQ values the impact of effective team-working
  3. MCQ values commitment
  4. MCQ values innovation and initiative
  5. MCQ values a willingness to improve
Our staff work towards these values, they underpin what we expect of our Learners.

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