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Is your wage bill greater than £3m?



If your wage bill is greater than £3m you are a levy payer

More information

More information

If your wage bill is under £3m you will not pay the levy - but things are changing for you too
Less than 50 staff?
- your day just got better!

(16-18 yr old apprentices only)

Although you won’t be paying into the new apprenticeship levy or using the new apprenticeship service to pay for apprenticeship training and assessment, the way apprenticeships are funded will still change for you.

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So in a nutshell

You have an annual wage bill below £3m and have 50+ staff

From May 2017 to employ an apprentice you will need to follow this process


  • You choose a recognised Apprenticeship Training Provider, such as ourselves
  • You agree a price for your Apprenticeship Training (no longer a fixed funding rate but there is a ceiling, we also need you to sign an agreement)
  • You make an investment of 10% of the fee (as low as £150-£300 in health & social care)
  • You receive incentive grants which could return more than you put in!

NOTE: If you Employ less than 50 staff, for apprentices aged between 16-18 you DO NOT have to contribute 10% of the fee

Example grants and employer incentives

  • You receive £1000 towards a 16-18yr old Apprentice (2xpayments of £500)
  • You potentially have access to various local schemes and grants such as the Apprenticeship Age grant (£1,400-£2,500 per learner depending on region)
  • Skills for Care Workforce Development Grant, unit claims                     

As your Training Provider of Choice, we will provide

FREE support with the Non Levy funding system

A dedicated account manager with experience in your occupational sector

Quality Training and Assessment

Access to supporting grants and workforce development solutions

Tel: 01912653003 and ask for Andrew or Guy for more information

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Funding bands and co-investment explained

Every individual apprenticeship framework and standard will be allocated to a funding band.

The government will fund 90% of the agreed price for training and assessment, and you as the employer will pay 10%.

You will be able to agree a payment schedule with us and spread your payments over the lifetime of the apprenticeship.

An example of how this might work is provided below;

  Employer chooses apprenticeship with a maximum price of £3,000

  Government co-invests 90% = £2700

– Employer co-invests remaining 10% = £300 (if you have more than 50 staff)

+ 16-18 incentives = £1000

+ Age grant = £1,400

Note: there has been a lot of sales pressure in the sector offering a cashback solution for your investment.
Please be aware this is classed as a "kick back" and is against the rules so don't ask - we dont offer them.
If anybody does offer you cashback in any format then please report them immediately. 


Why us?


MCQ have delivered apprenticeships for over 20 years and have built a name you can rely on and trust.
We are your training provider of choice.


Our trainers and assessors are extremely well qualified and experienced in their field.
We only use proven professionals and that matters to us.


Ofsted Grade “Good” and our latest inspection was March 2016
Skills for Care endorsed training
City & Guilds, Pearson's, NCFE, OCN accredited and moderated provision
We provide the training your inspection team and local authority demand.


What is end-point assessment?

What is an independent end-point assessor?