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Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy – 2017/18

Policy Aim
This document sets out Mobile Care Qualifications (MCQ) policy for Supply Chain Fees and Charges for the academic year 2017/18 (August 2017 to July 2018). In having this policy in place, it will ensure consistency of approach and transparency in relation to our subcontracted provision.


Why are we subcontracting?
MCQ hold subcontracted relationships with other quality providers to complement our existing provision and offer a quality service to learners and employers. Subcontracting allows us to be responsive to the demand from learners and employers that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to support.

MCQ want to strongly contribute to all relevant governmental targets, and we feel that by subcontracting some elements of our provision will help us do this.

As a grade 2 and improving provider, MCQ have excellent tools in place to ensure and develop quality. This will allow us to support and improve the quality of our provision and therefore the quality of our subcontracted provision and so to increase the experiences for more learners and employers.

Due Diligence
All potential subcontractors have to undergo a comprehensive due diligence process before MCQ will enter in to a contracting arrangement. This process includes assessment of the following –
● Financial health
● Equality and Diversity
● Health and Safety
● Safeguarding
● Past performance 2
● References from main contractors

Fees and Payments
MCQ’s management fee varies from 5-20% dependent on the due diligence risk assessment of the subcontractor. This fee is applied to all allocations and will be agreed with the subcontractor before commencement of the subcontract.

Management fees can be increased during the year if more support than planned at the start of the subcontract is required.
Each subcontractor will be visited by MCQ at least 4 times per year as part of our quality and performance reviews and there is no charge for these visits.
Payments are calculated and reconciled monthly once MCQ have received the Provider Funding Report (PFR) from the Skills Funding Agency. MCQ will provide the relevant sections of the PFR Occupancy Report to subcontractors, with the monthly funding calculation including management fee. The subcontractor then has 48 hours to sign the report and return, and then MCQ will make payment within 10 working days.
If there are issues with the data, the subcontractor can discuss on an ongoing basis with MCQ. The aim for both MCQ and subcontractor will be to ensure that all data submissions are 100% accurate.
Subcontractor Support
MCQ is committed to continuous improvement, both in our own provision and also in subcontracted provision.
Our management fees are used to support subcontractors to develop and deliver high quality provision that meets the needs of learners and employers.
Support needs will vary, but can include –
● Quality Support calendar
● Data and quality support
● Part of MCQ’s observation of teaching, learning and assessment process
● Performance updates
● Support in Feedback Strategies
● Information, advice and Guidance on quality, delivery and processes
● Preparation for Ofsted support
● Invites to MCQ staff support days
● Support for developing Key learner processes
● Support and guidance with funding and compliance requirements
● Access to MCQ’s quality groups
● Audit, quality and compliance checks
● Self Assessment and Quality Improvement Support

Quality Assurance of subcontractors is the subject of a tailored service level agreement that is specific to each subcontractor. The process for managing this is established with the subcontractor at the start of a new contract and this contract and service level agreement will outline the roles and responsibilities of all parties.
Review and Publishing
MCQ will review this policy annually, the next review is due for completion July 2018. The policy will be published on the MCQ website – www.mcq.co.uk
Andrew Lister
Guy Saxton 
Quality & Contracts Manager