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MCQ provides its clients with an experienced and competitive specialist service in the field of training.
As a company we are totally committed to operating the complementary requirements of  "Quality Management", "Health and Safety" and "Equality of Opportunity" as the highest priorities in all aspects of our business.  It is one of our Corporate Objectives to continually strive to enhance the overall quality of service to all our customers.
To achieve our business objectives the company has established and maintains a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of the International Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008.  Adherence to this system will aid in the achievement of our Corporate Objective to "Ensure a culture of continuous quality improvement and professional development".
Our Quality management System is subject to periodic evaluation to ensure its continuing suitability.  The system reinforces our compliance with statutory requirements and Company procedures, by ensuring that inspections and checks on critical activities are performed and verified by appropriately qualified personnel and records of the checks are maintained.
The company is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of its Quality Management System based on the full understanding and active participation of all employees in operating the policies and procedures of the system.
Management will ensure that all staff remain aware, understand and comply with the requirements of the system.Management will ensure a framework exists to review, monitor and set company objectives at periodic intervals.
The company recognises the value of the workforce and as such is committed to continual self assessment and development by evaluating needs and providing training for all personnel.
It is the responsibility of all to understand and conform to the requirements of the Companies Quality manual and it's associated procedures.
I the undersigned by virtue of the signature commit the organisation to the continuous support of the Quality Management System, this policy statement and defined objectives.
Managing Director