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DBS service


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Average 4 day turnaround, receive an update 5 minutes after it's issued.



No more paper paper files with your DBS activity accessible at all times, anywhere for inspection - CQC or LA inspection proof!

Route 2 and Rout 3 ID checking available - all part of the service.



  • Enhanced
  • £52
  • £1.60 vat
  • Route 2 ID Check
    (add £6 +vat)
  • Standard
  • £34
  • £1.60 vat
  • Route 2 ID Check
    (add £6 +vat)

Over 15 yrs experience!

 MCQ has operated as a DBS umbrella body for over 15 years. Our specilisim is the Health & Social Care Sector but we have many clients from a diverse range of industries who use our services.


Sign up to our DBS Umbrella Service

 Register with us as your umbrella body by completing and returning a simple agreement.
     (We also suppply you with your own policy for the recruitment of ex offenders.)
  • You can then order a stock of forms or opt for our new and online aplication process.
  • Give the form to the applicant to fill in or they complete an online application.
  • You will then check their ID documents and send the form or verify their ID on online.
  • Send the form to us (with scanned copies of the ID) and we verify and countersign the application.
  • DBS will send a certificate to the applicant.
  • You must ask the applicant to show you the certificate so you can check it’s genuine

Sign up to our DBS Umbrella Service

  Paper forms usually takes around 6-8 weeks but it can take longer if

  • the details given for the check are incorrect
  • several police forces need to be involved in the check

(You can’t pay more to get a faster check.)

Online applications can take as little as 4 days and you will get notification of the result 5 minutes after issue.
(Remember if using the paper version you do not receive any notification, you must ask the applicant to present their certificate)

 How much it costs depends on the type of check

Type of checkCost
Standard £34 + £1.60 vat
Enhanced £52 + £1.60 vat
Enhanced with barred lists £52 + £1.60 vat

Checks are free for volunteers but there is still an admin charge.

If you provide care services for adults (for example in a care home), you can use a service called DBS Adult First.
This will confirm, usually within 2 days, if the applicant:
  • can start work, as long as they’re supervised or
  • should wait for the results of an enhanced check
(This service costs an extra £9+vat)