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What is in a TRAINEESHIP?

A Traineeship is a 6 month programme (max) designed to be flexible to meet your individual needs and that of the career you wish to embark on. However within this flexibility are some core elements that the programme must cover.
  • A focused period of work preparation training, covering areas like CV writing, interview preparation, job search and inter-personal skills.
  • English and maths, as these are seen as crucial employability skills.
  • A high quality work placement to give the young person meaningful work experience and develop workplace skills.

Work preparation training

The content of the work preparation training will be dependant upon what you need. We expect this will include personal and social skills that you need to develop in order to get the most out of your work placement and prepare you for future employment. For 19-24 year olds, this will focus on work preparation units and qualifications listed on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

We feel it is important that work preparation training covers both the skills that young people will need to find and secure a job (for example, job search techniques, CV writing and interview skills) and the skills and attributes that you need to sustain that job (such as planning,time-keeping, team working, self-confidence, resilience and strength of character). Initial training will also include preparation for the specific work placement you will be undertaking.

Maths and english

Employers are very clear that literacy and numeracy are crucial employability skills and so English and maths will form a key part of your traineeship.

You will be required to study English and maths, unless you have achieved a GCSE A*-C in those subjects or, for those aged 19 and above, a GCSE A*-C or a functional skills qualification at Level 2. In the majority of
cases, we expect that functional skills will be the most appropriate qualifications for you to study in the first instance. As part of traineeships, you can study these at Entry Level, Level 1 or Level 2 depending on your prior
attainment and identified skills needs. Remember this is only a 6 month course so you will only be expected to achieve what we think and agree is achievable within that time frame please do not feel undurely pressured over this componant. Remember Traineeships are part of the Apprenticeship family so we can continue your maths and english progress as you move through your apprenticeship.

To fit with wider study programme principles, 16-19 trainees will need to work towards GCSE A*-C in English and maths, including through the study of functional skills.

Where 16-19 year olds have already achieved a functional skills qualification at Level 2, they will be required to work towards the achievement of a GCSE grade A* to C. Those who have achieved this level will not be required to continue to study English and maths.

19-24 year olds will not be required to undertake English and maths if they have achieved a GCSE A*-C in these subjects or a functional skills qualification at Level 2.

Work placements

We are working with Employers to offer high quality Work Placements. MCQ believe the key ingriedients of an effective placement are:-

  • Choice and relevance – Placement matched to your area of interest and aspiration, undertaking high quality work experience rather than observation or mundane tasks.
  • Organisational readiness – Commitment from senior managers or owner/manager and a low ratio of trainees to experienced staff.
  • Good preparation – Thorough pre-placement preparation will enable the employer to have an understanding of your circumstances that may affect you.
  • Written agreement – Made between you, the employer and MCQ setting out mutual expectations and commitments, including the training plan and arrangements for reviews.
  • A planned placement – A structured induction, clear objectives and integrated off- the-job training, with an identified mentor or buddy.
  • Feedback and review – Regular constructive feedback from managers and formal reviews at key stages with the manager, MCQ and you.

It is important to allow a significant degree of flexibility in the duration of the work placement to accommodate your varying needs. However, it is essential to set some boundaries on duration. There is an expectation the duration of the work placement within a traineeship to be at least six weeks and no more than five months. This does not have to be taken consecutively. In some cases, such as where you are undertaking work placement
in small or medium enterprise, it may be appropriate for you to undertake a number of separate work placements in different organisations totalling at least six weeks.

There is an expectation all Employers offer a guaranteed interview at the end of the placement. Where possible, the you will receive a real job interview where a post or apprenticeship has become available. However, we recognise that this will not always be feasible and in these cases a formal exit interview with the employer who provided your work placement will help you to practice and prepare for future opportunities. In either case, you will receive meaningful feedback to help you improve your performance and a reference from the employer reflecting the time you spent on your work placement.