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 Health & Safety (½ day) Fire Safety (½ day) - done.

This course covers the requirements of current legislation, which includes the requirement that employers should provide information, instruction and training on fire precautions in the workplace.


1 day

What you will learn

  • Identify potential fire risks and take action to minimise them.

  • Explain evacuation procedures for staff.

  • Identify the courses of fire and the chemical possesses involved.

  • Identify and understand the use of portable fire extinguishers.

  • Explain Employers duties as outlined in the H&S at work act.

  • Identify potential hazards and the action to reduce risk.

  • Safe use of equipment in the workplace

  • Describe Welfare, RIDDOR and COSHH regulations.


Any other information

  • Basic course is six hours duration.

  • A training handout is provided.

  • Videos are shown appropriate to the occupation of the students
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