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Where an employer has carried out a risk assessment and identified a need for a fully qualified First aider.

This course covers the requirements of current legislation, which includes the requirement that employers should provide information, instruction and training on First Aid in the workplace

3 days

What you will learn
· Explain the practices and principles of first aid at work.
· Explain basic safety in first aid.
· Recognise and treat the unconscious casualty.
· Demonstrate CPR
· Treat choking
· Recognise and treat serious bleeding and burns
· Respond to medical emergencies including diabetes, epilepsy, heart conditions and stroke.
· Treat fractures appropriately
· Recognise and treat heat stress.
· Recognise and treat poisoning
· Explain the need for good hygiene practices and record keeping

Any other information
· There is an exam at the end of the course which includes a assessed practical session and a written multiple choice test.

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