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Our Values


Trust and Honesty

Effective Team-Working




Willingness to improve

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MCQ Safeguarding Champion - Michaela King

Learner Charter

  • Mission and Values
    Valuing diversity, respecting equality and safeguarding all who engage with us we aim to be the Independent Training Provider of choice.
    We will address the skills needs of learners, employers, communities and the economy by being innovative, embracing new technology and using continuous quality improvement whilst working together to achieve timely results and prepare learners for successful life in Modern Britain and promote the fundamental British Values.

    Our values

    1. MCQ values Openness, Trust and Honesty
    2. MCQ values the impact of Effective Team-working
    3. MCQ values Commitment,
    4. MCQ values Innovation and Initiative
    5. MCQ values a willingness to Improve
    Our staff work towards these values, they underpin what we expect of our Learners.
  • Our expectation of you as a learner

    Our expectation is:

    • To be punctual
    • To understand the impact of absence
    • To adhere to our values
    • To conduct yourself in a professional manner (link to our Conduct and Behaviour policy)
    • Take ownership for your learning including the review process
    • A willingness to learn, improve, achieve and progress
    • Inform us of any changes to your circumstances which may impact on your programme
    • Treat all staff and learners with courtesy and respect
    • Take responsibility for your own health and safety and that of others
    • Adhere to our bullying and harassment policy
    • Adhere to our safeguarding and IT usage policy
    • Never download or forward abusive materials that may offend others
  • Our commitment to you as a learner with MCQ

    We will:

    • Provide you with an impartial information advice and guidance (IAG) service 
    • Ensure your chosen programme is relevant and meets your needs 
    • Provide a named person who is responsible for the management of your learning support you to share responsibility of your individualised learning programme 
    • Deliver a range of learning and assessment styles which are appropriate to you support you to develop and improve your maths, english and ICT 
    • Build your confidence and attempt to break down any potential barriers to learning. 
    • Provide regular, constructive and developmental feedback on your progress at appropriate intervals 
    • Provide you with the opportunity to appeal against assessment outcomes, if you feel they are unfair or biased 
    • Provide safe learning environments 
    • Provide appropriate resources that enable you to develop your skills and understanding in authentic and appropriate context. 
    • Commit to support your achievement of this programme 
    • Provide you with the skills that will enable you to positively contribute to the economy in Modern Britain 
    • Provide both yourself and your employer the opportunity to share your views on our service to enable us to continuously  improve.
    •  Promote a culture of equality of opportunity and Inclusion 
    • Value diversity and safeguard you 
    • Actively promote healthy lifestyles and well being 
    • Celebrate your success
  • Safeguarding you

    Safeguarding Policy Statement of Intent

    At MCQ the safety and welfare of our learners is of the utmost importance.
    MCQ has a duty of care to all its students and a legal obligation to safeguard and promote their welfare and to respond immediately if there is a suspicion that any student under the age of 18 years old, or ‘vulnerable adult’ learner may be a victim of bullying, harassment, abuse (including physical, sexual, emotional) or neglect.
    All adults working in the Centre must protect young learners from abuse and be aware that any young learner or vulnerable adult may be the victim of harm or abuse or at risk of harm or abuse.
    MCQ acknowledges The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 ( http://www.gov.uk/government/publications/prevent-duty-guidance ) and as such through the Prevent Duty pays due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism. We aim to keep our learners safe, within the law and not prevent them from having political and religious views and concerns but to support them to use those concerns or act on them in non-extremist ways.
    MCQ recognises that all staff who work with children, young people and vulnerable adults need to have training that equips them to recognise and respond to welfare concerns. All those staff will receive adequate training to familiarise them with child and vulnerable adults protection issues / responsibilities in addition to MCQ policies and procedures, undertaking refresher training at least every 2 years.
    Michaela King is your Safeguarding Champion - you can contact her at any time to discuss or report any issues.
  • Equality & Diversity

    What is Equality & Diversity?

    Equality & Diversity policies are intended to prevent discrimination and value diversity in the work place. It is unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of someone's  sex, sexual orientation, married status, race colour, nationality, ethnic origin  religion, beliefs, or because of a disability , pregnancy or childbirth and subsequent maternity leave. It is also unlawful to discriminate against part time workers.

    Equality & Diversity Policy Statement of Intent

    MCQ is fully committed to eliminating discrimination and actively promoting equality of opportunity and diversity for our staff and learners in line with our strategy.  We believe that where equality of opportunity exists, all staff and learners work in a more rewarding and less stressful environment, where prejudice and harassment are not accepted, and one which is more likely to enhance performance and achievement.  Accordingly, MCQ will foster a positive attitude and environment towards its employees and customers.
    We will seek to promote and maintain an inclusive and supportive work and learning environment that respects the dignity of staff and learners and assists everyone to achieve their full potential.  We value all our staff and the contribution they can make.  We welcome the differences amongst them and believe that those differences give added depth to our work.  We aspire to make the greatest possible use of their talent and capabilities and to provide real opportunities for their professional development.
    We are strongly committed to providing our learners with equitable access to our service and to our employees, equal advancement opportunities without regard to race, sex colour, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age marital status, gender reassignment; pregnancy and maternity or disability.  We are also strongly committed to providing our staff with a workplace free from prejudice and discrimination, where the personal dignity and worth of each individual is appreciated and celebrated.
    We recognise that it is the responsibility of every member of our staff to help achieve this inclusive and supportive environment, and to promote good relations between groups by understanding the importance of having respect for       diversity.
    Where there are instances of activity which may undermine good relations, and to assist staff and learners in maintaining a balance between individual freedoms and expectations of conduct, MCQ has policies in place to address such matters.  We will ensure that we comply with all legislation and good practice by introducing, implementing and regularly reviewing policies and procedures.  We will aim to review, monitor and implement procedures for compliance with legislation through our Equal Opportunities & Diversity Strategy.
  • Health & Safety

    Health & Safety Policy Statement of Intent

    Mobile Care Qualifications Ltd aims to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of our employees while they are at work and of others who may be affected by our undertakings. This general policy statement provides a commitment and intent to comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.
    To ensure the principles of health and safety are clearly understood throughout the Company, we will be committed to:
    • complying with relevant health and safety laws and regulations, voluntary programmes, collective agreements on health and safety and other requirements to which the Company subscribes;
    • setting and monitoring of health and safety objectives for the Company;
    • effective communication of and consultation on health and safety matters throughout the Company;
    • assessing the risks to the safety and health of our employees and others who may be affected by our activities and implementing controls to minimise those risks;
    • preventing work-related injuries, ill health, disease and incidents;
    • providing and maintaining safe plant and equipment and implementing safe systems of work;
    • the safe use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances;
    • providing and maintaining a safe working environment with safe access, egress and welfare facilities;
    • providing the necessary training to our employees and others, including temporary employees to ensure their competence with respect to health and safety;
    • providing suitable and sufficient information, instruction and supervision for employees;
    • continually improving the performance of our health and safety management;
    • devoting the necessary resources in the form of finance, equipment, personnel and time to ensure the health and safety of our employees and seeking expert help where the necessary skills are not available within the Company;
    • an annual review and when necessary the revision of this health and safety policy;
    • making this policy available to relevant interested external parties, as appropriate.
    Please note that a signed copy of the Health and Safety Policy Statement, which demonstrates our commitment to health and safety, is available at our main business address.

    Safe Learner

    MCQ is committed to the SAFE LEARNER initiative and as such you will be made aware of your rights and responsibilities regarding Health & Safety. There are training courses you can attend at our Centre which will complement and training undertaken in the Workplace.—Check out the Health & Safety page on our website www.mcq.co.uk for more information. Or visit www.safelearner.info

    As a Learner you are entitled to

    • A safe, healthy and supportive environment, wherever learning takes place.
    • An induction to health and safety when starting your learning or training and at each new location or placement.
    • Full information on the provider’s (and where appropriate, the work- placement or employer’s) health and safety policy, responsibility and procedures.
    • Information on supervision arrangements.
    • Information on any risks associated with the learning programme.
    • Advice on, and ready free access to, suitable personal protective equipment or facilities.
    • Information on restrictions, which apply to any action or activity on the part of the learner, for example restrictions on the use of certain machinery or vehicles.
    • Training on health and safety issues and appropriate use of equipment.
    • Advice that, in the event of an accident at work, non-employed learners on an apprenticeship programme may claim disablement benefit through the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Analogous Industrial Injuries Scheme (AIIS).
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